Why DXF Quote?

DXF is more than a quoting tool. It’s designed to simplify the way you handle orders from start-to-finish and streamline your operation. Not only can you provide faster, more accurate quotes to your clients, it’ll also be easier to manage your production and generate more sales for your business. Our software allows you to attract better clients and retain them. DXF Quote is built to make all aspects of your business better.

Designed to Help You Close More Deals

Win more work with a faster, simpler, and more accurate quoting solution for your business.

Quick & Precise Pricing – Generate a precise quote within seconds.

Team Management – Collaborate as a team with multiple user accounts.

Website Integration – Offer instant quotes with checkout to your customers through your website.

Built to Streamline Your Operations

DXF Quote continues to help you better organize your processes, even after quoting is finished.

Work Order Generation – Automatically generate work orders from online and manual orders.

Fully Customizable Parameters – Fine-tune your quoting to fit the specifics of your machine’s capabilities.

Job Reports and Metrics – Get data reports that provide recommendations and analytics for every order.

Created to Exceed Customer Expectations

Improve the quality of your service by placing the power of quoting and ordering in your customer’s hands.

User Friendly Instant Quoting Tool – Make placing an order simple for your customers with our easy-to-use, online quoting tool.

Real-Time Order Updates – Notify your customers about the status of their order every step of the way.

Preferred Account and Volume Discounts – Retain your best customers with customized savings on their accounts.