Quoting CNC Parts Should Be The Easiest Part of Your Job

Providing a CNC material cutting quote to your customers shouldn’t be time-consuming and confusing. DXF Quote streamlines your quoting process, allowing your business to scale while improving the customer experience.

Quoting CNC Cutting - The Simple Way

Quickly prepare accurate and consistent CNC cutting quotes.

Allow your customers to request an instant quote and purchase parts right on your website.

Simplify your fulfillment process with built-in work order generation and customer alerts.

Increase your profits with detailed job reporting and analytics.

“How Much Should I Charge For My Services?”

The biggest struggle that many plasma, laser, and waterjet table owners encounter in business is determining their pricing. It’s important that your prices remain competitive, but you don’t want to undercut the value of your services. As a result, many businesses in the CNC cutting industry fail to maintain a consistent pricing structure – choosing instead to quote on a job-to-job basis.

With DXF Quote, that guesswork is eliminated. Our quoting software automatically calculates a price based on your cost of materials, labor, parts, and shipping then adds in a percentage using the profit margin you determine. With every quote, you’ll receive a detailed report and recommendations on how you can adjust your pricing to increase your profits. Get a consistent, accurate quote every time with DXF Quote.

Streamline Your Quoting Process

Consistent & Accurate Pricing – Automatically generate a price based on your costs and profit benchmarks.

Better Organization – Manage job reports, metrics, and work orders from your dashboard.

Cloud Hosted – You and your team can access DXF Quote online anywhere, anytime.

Boost Revenue – Offer volume discounts and savings to return customers.

Generate Quotes Quickly – Provide your customers a quote within seconds.

Customization – Add additional materials and services to your quoting interfaces.

User Experience – Provide customers with an easy-to-use interface for requesting quotes.

Win More Work – Customers can checkout immediately on your website.

File Sharing and Feedback

Files uploaded into DXF quote are always encrypted and shared securely. Your customer’s intellectual property remains protected, and you don’t need to worry about the added costs of FTP licenses.

After a new quote is submitted, you’ll have the ability to review files and provide clear feedback to your customers as necessary. This allows you to reduce bottlenecks in the communication process and provide your customers with a better finished product.

Software With Certainty

Uncaught manufacturability issues can lead to added costs and longer turnaround times. DXF Quote identifies and alerts you to potential issues with uploaded files before they cost you money. Our software accounts for the various manufacturing processes commonly used in plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting and can be customized based on your specific machine’s capabilities.

Centralized Sales Management

DXF Quote provides detailed job reports and analytics, so you always have the right context and data when quoting. The software is designed to continually provide recommendations to help you adjust your pricing so your business can be its most profitable. 

Once a quote is sent, it’s added to your sales pipeline where you’ll receive real-time notifications alerting you to customer activity, allowing your sales team to follow-up during crucial decision-making moments. You’ll be able to prioritize the quotes that matter the most, keep everything organized, and accurately forecast your production needs and future revenue.